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Piggy banks aren’t just for kids you know, piggy banks can be for adults too! Once we as teenagers grow into young adults, we discover the idea of money management, quite a few of us discover the expensive way. By the time the high school graduate goes off to live their lives, it’s likely that they’ve had simply no training or education in managing their finances. This is why I believe saving money via piggy banks for adults or piggy banks for children should be utilized the sooner, the better. In my opinion, there’s no age that is too young or even too old to begin building your savings via dollars and cents. With the money you save early on you can create memories and the lifestyle you’ve always wanted! It’s imperative that you pursue the opportunities available using a technique that will bring you to your success, which I believe is the piggy bank; which has been on our planet for thousands of years for a reason! You should make the most of a resource that will aid you in saving money if you in struggle doing so.

Piggy Banks for Adults

The history dating the piggy bank goes way back to the middle ages. Back in the old day pottery was made out of an inexpensive sort of clay. Historians have discovered that they indeed did start to use jars as a saving tool, as we still do to this day. Throughout the years increasingly more and more methods have been developed to create better pottery and finally clay was no longer used to make the piggy bank. The name finally changed as the many many years passed from “pygg” for the “pig” as we all know it now. All the old piggy banks from back in the day, didn’t really have a pig design to them, so it’s interesting that we call them the piggy back isn’t it? Well eventually… there was this manufacturer who gave the piggy bank it’s shape which resembled the name it acquired from thousands of years ago. This shape has become reproduced since that time and turned this pig shaped bank right into a renowned and popular product. Nowadays these piggy banks come in many sizes and shapes, and are intended as piggy banks for adults, piggy banks for kids, and well actually piggy banks for all age!


So we’ve learned that the piggy bank has been in existence as long as humans have walked our planet. Today they still remain an essential part in lots of peoples lives who are attempting to save money. At times I find it quite difficult to comprehend that many people think that you can’t save a lot of money by simply using a piggy bank. If you use cash a lot, and simply throw lets say 2$ a day into your piggy bank. And If you continue to do so for thirty days you’d have around 60$ and by the end of the year around 700+ now if you use change on a regular basis and throw random amounts of money, ranging from 2-10$ or more, jut think about the money you have at the end of the year! If you are considering to seriously start saving money, then this is the way to go.

Piggy Banks for Adults can be extremely satisfying!

As adults we want to be successful, and saving money in piggy banks for adults can be helpful, so how do we save? The answer to save is by goal setting techniques and reaching them.Believe it or not having excellent savings goals can also be one of the best ways to teach the kids to also save money via piggy banks, which can be helpful in later life. Just think about the amount of money you save in a big piggy bank, either 2$ or 3$ at a time seriously adds up! This can be applicable  to adults, which is why I always recommend my adult friends who are struggling with money to start using piggy banks for adults and they laugh at me, but think about it. If you are trying to save or simply wanting a piggy bank it can provide you with realistic goals, as you simply throw change in there you would normally waste at another time.. I’ve used this idea for many many years now for things and the amount of money I save each year would leave some people shocked!

Let me ask you this, are you fond of money? If yes, let a piggy bank become your daily function after you get home from work or school if you’re a teenager, wherever! Simply throw all the change you have in your cool piggy bank and repeat this daily. You can even consider making it a unique piece of “furniture” which adds variety to your room or living room. This clever little way to save money, the many piggy banks for adults can have quite imaginative elements. These awesome furniture pieces will instantly catch your kiddo’s eye and maybe even that man-child friend of yours! Using seriously cool piggy bank ideas for adults companies have created many types based after many popular series of shows and movies. You can use them for several purposes through the home, heck you could even have multiples! Think of the savings here, get your spouse or kids involved! These piggy banks are mainly manufactured from ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, etc. The ceramic ones are the traditional forms of a piggy bank. Do realize though that ceramic can be breakable, which is their intention as they are intended to be busted open to get at the money. Piggy banks are a common way to save money and are still very well liked among kids today.

Piggy Banks for Adults

These piggy banks do not simply look cool but will also make saving cash fun filled. I’m sure by the end of the month you will be thrilled to see your piggy bank filling super quick. As you add your change to your piggy bank on a consistent basis you will also start to see and glance at the alteration of your mindset. By the end of the year, or even a couple months you’ll probably consider yourself less of a poverty pit, and more of a money pit! just joking! But trust me, as you continue saving in those little piggy banks for adults you’ll begin to feel empowered and eventually you’ll have an abundance of money to spend on yourself or your family. As your savings grow you can be satisfied that you now have have money at your disposal that you normally wouldn’t have. It’ll be the same feeling you get at the end of the year when you get your income tax, that you have money to spend and not worry about it.

These piggy banks for adults can have quite the nostalgic feeling as they often remind us of our childhood. The piggy bank still remains to be a fantastic addition to any individuals home, even more so those children or adults with the intention of saving money. With the many options out there they can look absolutely adorable in your little girls bedroom, or terrifying in your husbands man-cave! You can even begin to collect them, and place one everywhere in the house and get everyone involved, think of the money you’d be saving! They are bound to make you salivate as you watch them slowly but surely start to collect money! If you still don’t believe me but want to see the bigger picture, it is crucial that you go out and start writing down all small money transactions you will probably have. Eventually when you get home, pull out your receipts and realize the amount of money you’ve wasted on junk! Before I invested in my piggy bank collection I’d often go out and waste 10-20$ at a time on things I didn’t need, such as cola or chocolate bars, cigarettes it all adds up and has no real purpose!

Nothing is more significant than finding out how to manage or save your money. One of best approaches to do this is with cash itself, such as when you are out buying corner-store food, or McDonalds perhaps. and writing down what you’ve spent at the end of the week on needless things. This will leave the impression your mind needs because it can be quite shocking! You will realize that you don’t need to shell out quite a bit of money, for things you don’t need. There is this common rumor that rich people still get cheap haircuts, think about that for a second! Remember that even though money can’t buy everything, it will still make life much simpler. And I’m sure if you’re just living paycheck to paycheck then you’re sick and tired of working full time and never having anything to show for it, seriously get a piggy bank! Use that piggy bank for that much needed Vacation! Obviously it’s time to take action!

Piggy Banks for Adults

Buying yourself one of the many unique piggy banks for adults, or one of extra large piggy banks for adults will get you the money you need to go on vacation, or buy a new computer, whatever the plan is, It will work. This method will eventually encourage you on your own to start saving money. You can start at any time, and you can throw any amount of money in there. The most effective way to encourage yourself to see how good you’re doing is every two months, take out the money count it all and take maybe 20$ and go buy something. You will be really fascinated once you finally count what you’ve saved. You can count the amount of money you’ve saved every month if wanted, which I’m sure you’ll be happy to doing for the ultimate prize at the end of the year! Giving yourself a reason to save will encourage you to economize, which will allow you to stop wasting money on things that aren’t needed. By offering yourself an incentive once you’ve reached the particular target you’ve been wanting it will give you a sense of pride and achievement.


During my period of success with the piggy bank, I discovered that if I could save around 1000$ a year, using such a simple method as a piggy bank, and that’s just 1 piggy bank in my household people….Then anyone can use this method!  As my success in saving money started to grow, I often remembered being a kid, and having a piggy bank for kids doesn’t always work and I took all the money out after like 3 days and I went and bought some penny candies and blew my chances of successfully saving money, that day and continued to do so for many years haha. A vivid memory I’ll never forget because once I got older and I knew the importance of the so called children’s item, the Piggy Bank which can be such a successful way to easily save money.

Piggy Banks for Adults

The best thing about piggy banks for adults is well you get to pick it out and buy it of course!  You can even obtain piggy banks for adults with locks if you don’t trust someone, or even extra large piggy banks for adults , which is capable of holding quite a lot of money, these buggers can hold lots and lots of coins. Obviously it can take a long time to fill it, so don’t expect a down payment for a house in a year right? However that dream is possible depending on the amount you put away each month which can be possible if you decide to break open quite a few in 5 years. I normally used my piggy banks to gain around 1000-2000$ per year to allow me to travel the world as I’ve always wanted too! I’ve saved on average, 1600$ a year since I started 16 years ago which has enabled me to visit quite a few countries in the many years of saving!


Your will and power to conserve money will play a vital role in giving you the success you need in your saving goals. Every person needs money to achieve things that satisfy them in life, so thats why it’s good to save money. If you do not have dreams or things you want to do in life, then this simple method to save, the piggy bank will not succeed in saving any money for you. The goal should be clear and unclouded in order to achieve what you have set for yourself each month or year. Extra large piggy banks for adults or even getting some of the best piggy banks for adults can be a stepping stone towards creating balanced financial habits for yourself or for your families. Conserving money in piggy banks is not the sole purpose of life of course, but they’re a neat way to save!

Piggy Banks for Adults

Saving money is something that everyone and anyone wants. Most people want to show someone, or take someone to do something but cannot afford to do so, maybe you want to treat yourself once a month, or even have a REAL vacation at the end of the year and you wish to put money aside for that.  One convenient way of doing this is simply by getting a piggy banks for adults, as they aren’t just for kids ya know! These receptacles for putting cash in have been connected with children for many years, though the whole piggy bank concept is for adults too!