Cute Piggy Banks for Adults the Pink & Green Polka Dots Piggy


This hand-painted pink and green Piggy Bank for adults or kids will help you save your spare change and look charming doing it. It even incorporates a dry pen for customizing! This cute pig has a green bow on top of its head making it engaging and pursuing visual interest. It would make an impeccable baby shower blessing!

  • Hand-painted ceramic piggy bank.
  • Adorable bow on head.
  • Includes dry erase pen for DIY Piggy Bank personalization

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If you’ve been looking for cute piggy banks for adults to buy for yourself or a loved one then you’ve found the cutest one I could find for my girlfriend! I was searching for a piggy bank for my new fantastic girl, as well as to match her personality of course. My dread that the hues were not as striking as I had hoped but they are more wonderful than I had ever envisioned them being. This bank is huge, yet not very enormous and it is so charming! An immaculate match that met my woman’s endorsement and is basically great. It you are thinking about an exceptional present for a young lady or yourself I think this possesses all the necessary qualities.

I mean just look at how dazzling this little piggy bank is. I gave it as a blessing to my girlfriend last Christmas and she loved it. I Great quality, great size bank and extremely charming! I’m certain it will be utilized for a considerable length of time to come. Basically cute, top notch, huge size, hues and enchanting face consistent with the photograph. It’s seriously a lot bigger than you’ll anticipated that it would be – which is extraordinary – and looks totally sweet chilling on my girlfriends nightstand.

I knew my girlfriend would go gaga for this as she loves collecting cute piggy banks for adults and as soon as she saw it I knew she did! Extremely well made. It does come with a pen for personalizing but my girlfriend never used it as she thought it would demolish how lovely it is. I’m trusting she adores it as much as I think she does and keeps it for quite a while. Trust me when I say it’s just the right size, not too large or too small; will be adorable to any girl, old or young.


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