Extra Large Piggy Bank for Adults the Coca Cola Bottle!


  • Coca-Cola Large Bottle Bank
  • Contoured replica just like the original
  • Coke embossed on one side and coca-cola on the other
  • Removable cap with coin slot
  • 23 inches tall Plastic Makes a great gift
  • FREE Shipping!

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Bought this extra large piggy bank for adults or even kids in light of the fact it’s extremely cheap, and it also makes a great decoration piece in my home. Also I had excess dimes and nickles I normally don’t like throwing into my other piggy banks and this is perfect for that considering the extra large size of it. It almost feels with this greater Coca Cola Coin bank that it’ll be 40+ years before I even fill it ha-ha. This thing is well made (it’s thick and solid) and made of excellent materials. You unquestionably get what you pay for.

Extra Large Piggy Banks for Adults

Does not feel like it would break at any point in the near future regardless of the possibility of it being knocked over, which it has. The cover unscrews easily and I had no issues dumping in heaps of coins in the jug. I preferred this shading simply because I wanted something clear to look through why is why I choose glass, as there is a different version available. Even if you aren’t a Coca Cola fan like me this thing is cool!

My father often mentions the fact that he had one of these exact same models back in his day, and he says it is almost completely identical so that’s cool that it’s made as genuine to the original product as can be. It makes quite the fulfilling sound when a modest bunch of coins are dropped in! The top is anything but difficult to open and close, and there are no noticeable deformities in the plastic. I simply needed some place to put my extra change, and when I got this from my father, I was astonished.

It’s one of those extraordinary extra large piggy bank for adults! This enormous Coca Cola Bottle Piggy Bank is stunning. What I cherish the most about it is that it can fit a Crazy measure of coins or bills since it’s 22 inches tall. I wouldn’t exactly tell you to throw anything besides a less desired coin like say nickles in dimes in here though as spare bills could be hard to get at if they’re buried! I’m telling you I’m not the only one out there who thinks this piggy bank is a champ, it’s got tons of reviews all over the net. The entire thought of filling this extra large piggy bank for adults with all your spare change is crazy! I’m sure it would take years, but the cash out would be nuts I’d think, more so if you’re throwing in loonies in toonies for safe storage!


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