Large Piggy Banks for Adults the Black Pirate Pig with Skull & Crossbones


This adorable cold cast resin pirate pig money bank really brightens up a room. The bank features a Jolly Roger skull and crossbones on each side, and the pig is wearing an eye patch. The pig measures 8 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches deep. The bank empties via a twist-off plastic piece on the bottom. He is hand-painted, and makes a great gift for pig or pirate lovers.

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I purchased this for myself a while ago and I absolutely cherish it! This is one of the best large piggy banks for adults and kids, as it is extremely charming and the material is sturdy. I have pets that are often rough and antsy at times and have knocked this thing over a few times, it is still holding up extremely well. It is the perfect size for a piggy bank and you can save quite a bit of money with it, it would look cool as one of those jumbo piggy banks for adults though, but thats no major ordeal.

Large piggy banks for adults

I have been putting my money in it as often as I can as opposed to spending it immediately on junk food, and so on. It’s one of my favorites for sure, I just love IT!!!! I have gathered quite a few piggy banks over the years. Actually quite a wide range of piggy banks, regardless… I absolutely cherish this as one of the best large piggy banks for adults and kids. However, be cautioned, this is quite the piggy bank, no where close to the normal size of a customary piggy bank.


If you’re lookng for old fashioned large piggy banks for adults or for kids, this will be excellent and very elusive. I discovered this one through ebay and had to buy it immediately. They are of good quality, bigger than I suspected and it arrives very well packaged, as it was exceptionally savvy and defensive. This piggy bank is a charming surprise being a ton bigger than I at any point envisioned.

Simply astonishing piggy bank! It’s extensive and has a decent weight to it. The hues are brilliant and delightful! There is a little hole at the bottom of the pirate piggy bank, so NO compelling reason to crush your poor piggy when it’s full. An extraordinary place to store your hard earned cash!


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