Novelty Piggy Bank for Adults the Flushing Toilet Coin Banks


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This novelty piggy bank is flawless in every-way as a novelty item in my opinion. I’ve introduced it to many friends to only have them ask where the hell do I get one of these! It usually makes for quite the conversation starter sometimes. It looks and works exactly as like a toilet, but without the water of course! Everybody still laughs out loud every time it goes off. It’s additionally an excellent way to save money with piggy banks. it’s simply an awesome item and I can’t stop flushing ceaselessly!

novelty piggy bank

So if you’re looking for a novelty piggy bank for adults, this might be a good one. It often gets a giggle out of people, mostly children. It’s a really unique piggy bank for adults as well, if thats what you’re looking for. This is an awesome little piggy bank. We utilize it in our bathroom at home, as when pants are dropped change falls out occasionally…at least for me. Children and grown-ups alike receive a major kick out of it in return, considering where it is. Although beware of thieves in your bathrooms!!!

Genuine flushing sound, seriously! An actual flushing sound, am I the only one shocked by this?! Anyways, I find it builds up quite fast for my additional change bank for gifts! It just makes me grin and it will be a genuine fun item to choose as a gift for others as well. Made of good thick plastic, awesome sound effects and a good time for all! I purchased this bank simply because it’s a novelty piggy bank for adults, and I love it. Women aren’t to fond of this one, so it’s mostly for guys in my opinion. I Adore it. I often flush coins to simply hear the sound haha. Anyways, get this bank for anybody adult or child alike…and the flushing sound is extremely comical. Fun little piggy bank and considerably more entertaining when brought up as a discussion topic!


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